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Family Game Night


Card Games:


Go Fish


More games here: Link



Word Searches

Some great ideas from Pinterest: Link


Video Games

Build a city in Minecraft

Save the world together

Race everyone in Mario Cart

Have a Dance Revolution Battle

or a Guitar Hero Playoff

Best games to download: Link


Build a Fort

Use furniture, pillows, cardboard. 

Camp out in your living room (no camp fires though). 

Need some inspiration?: Link


Minute to Win It - Thank you Arin.

Face the Cookie

Put an Oreo (or some type of cookie) on the player's forehead and they have one minute to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands.


Nose Dive

Players have to put vaseline on their nose and must move five cotton balls from one bowl to another without using their hands in under a minute.

Scoop It Up

Players have to move six ping pong balls from one bowl to another using a spoon. They will hold the spoon in their hand or for an added challenge, they have to hold the spoon in their mouth.


Stack It Up

Players have to stack 25 pennies in a single stack using only one hand in under a minute.

And one more...(Longer than a minute)

Hide and Sweat. The adults in the family write down 20 physical activities on separate small pieces of paper. Then they hide these papers around the house. The kids have to find the papers and read it and the entire family performs the activity for the reps or amount of time given. Putting a time limit on finding all the papers and doing all the exercises makes it more interesting.