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Workout Ideas

Workout Apps

Check out this app:  Deck of Cards

from Mrs. Johnson

Workouts you can do at home

Here is a quick 15 minute work-out:

10reps x 3 - Push ups

10resp x 3 - Sit ups

30sec x 3 - Plank flat on floor

15sec x 3 - Superman (Plank with arms and legs extended and lifted off the group - keep stomach tight)

From Coach Sheppard:

Girls Basketball workout

1. 50 crunches , 25 pushups

2. Lay on your back and shoot in the air 100/day

3. Dribbling serious workout and pounding ball 50 per hand with crossover and between the legs

4. Cone to cone defensive slide if you have no cones use your shoes. Go back and forth for 2×30seconds

5. Wall jumps and leg swings to stretch.

6. 1 mile run if you can go outside at least 2 times a week.

Family Workout Ideas

Hide and Sweat. The adults in the family write down 20 physical activities on separate small pieces of paper. Then they hide these papers around the house. The kids have to find the papers and read it and the entire family performs the activity for the reps or amount of time given. Putting a time limit on finding all the papers and doing all the exercises makes it more interesting. - Thank you Arin!