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Cooking with the Fam


Home Made Pizza Night

(my family loves this)


3 cups of flour

1 package of yeast

1/4 stick of melted butter

Hot water (about a cup - adjust as you like)

In a cup of hot water - add the package of yeast and mix until dissolved. Then combine all the ingredients and knead until 100% combined.

Depending on how you like your crust:

Thin: Cook at 425 for about 10mins or until crispy then add the toppings - cook again until cheese is melted.

Regular: Add toppings to crust the put in the oven and Cook at 375 for about 15mins

Toppings can be what ever you like.  My kids like things like chips, fruits, chocolate.  I tend to stick to traditional - sauce, cheese, and pepperoni